Laboratory Safety

Laboratory Safety Management

  • Purpose: Aims to continuously monitor the overall safety management of laboratories and prevent accidents
  • Administrative Team for the Department of Mechanical Engineering TEL. 042)350-3205
  • Laboratory Safety Person: A laboratory leader should serve as an ex officio member in charge

Emergency Response Procedure in Case of a Laboratory Accident

  • Accident

  • Reporting/Warning/Evacuating

  • Safety Team Dispatched

  • Onsite Accident Response

Reporting an accident: Safety Team ☎ 0119, 4000 or Fire Department ☎ 119

Emergency Response Tips for Each Laboratory Accident Type

① Chemical Leak
  • Wash the exposed body part with clean water for more than 15 minutes.
  • Wear personal protective equipment (gas mask) when hazardous gases are generated.
② Gas Leak
  • Shut off the gas valve and ventilate the laboratory.
  • Wear personal protective equipment (gas mask) in case of toxic gas leakage.
  • When inhaling gas, go to a well-ventilated area.
③ Electric Shock
  • Wear insulated gloves and immediately disconnect the power source.
  • Check the condition of the injured person and perform first aid (CPR).
④ Biohazard
  • Wash the contaminated part and disinfect it with a disinfectant solution.
⑤ Machine
  • Immediately stop the machine in case of an accident.
  • Wrap the wound with a thick cloth or gauze to stop the bleeding.
  • Wash the severed body part, wrap it with plastic, keep it in an ice pack, and deliver it to a hospital that specializes in replantation.

※ Even if there is no abnormality, go to a special hospital, and get a medical examination.

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