[146th Thermo-Fluid Colloquium] Nanofluids as an advanced coolant for High Heat Flux nuclear fusion Applications and optical diagnostics of fuel atomisation processes inside prefilming swirl jet engine atomisers

– Date : June 15th, 2017 (Thursday), 4:00 ~ 5:00 p.m.
– Place : E1 Seminar room (#3213)
– Speaker : Dr Antonis Sergis
– EUROfusion Researcher Fellow
– Imperial College London and the Culham Center for Fusion Energy

– Abstract :

Heat management has presently become an enormously important and extremely difficult aspect to grasp for almost every energy handling process – from the largest and most complex machines (cooling down future fusion reactors) to the smallest (cooling down high density computing processor chips). T1hroughout the vast advancement of technology over the years, heat conveying technology had disproportionately equivalent progress with the main principles remaining approximately the same. It is hence a bare necessity to switch to a different process which will allow conveying High Heat Fluxes (HHFs) while at the same time doing it efficiently to be able to continue the development towards higher energy density and efficiency devices. One of the promising ways to achieve this is by seeking new “smart” coolants, such as nanofluids, as this has the potential to be a “game changer” in the way we produce and transfer energy in a sustainable, affordable and compact manner. Nanofluids could potentially delay the critical heat flux point (CHF) by up to 200% whilst improving conduction (5-9%), convection (10-14%) and pool boiling (40-44%) heat transfer modes. However; little is known about the physical mechanisms behind their performance and, thus, their application-specific optimisation is frequently impossible. This talk aims to provide an overview of our research efforts so far to quantify and understand nanofluid properties with an emphasis on nuclear fusion applications. Finally, this talk will conclude with a site project studying the fuel atomisation processes inside a prefilming swirl atomiser of a jet engine observed with optical diagnostics.

Host: 기계공학과 / 김성진 교수 (Tel:3043)

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