1) People-ME Alumni

The ME Alumni Association was established in October 1989 to build a network of alumni and friends to sustain meaningful relationships on behalf of KAIST and unite efforts to support KAIST. Professor Young Don Choi, currently a professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Korea Univ. was inaugurated as the first president. Afterwards, numerous individuals including Dong-yol Yang, Soon Gil Jeong, Sang Yong Lee, Sang Min Choi, Dae Gil Lee, Seok Ju Na, Dae Gab Gwon, Tae Ryong Kim, Kyung Hyun Hwan,g Se Young Lim, Seok Joon Kim, Hyung Jin Sung, Byung Ik Choi, Jeong Gwon Ih and Sang Gyu Park led the association. As of July 2013, Dong Soo Kwon is leading the association

2) The 19th board member of ME alumni (July 1st, 2013 ~ June 30th 2014)
  • President: Dong Soo Kwon (Professor of ME, KAIST)
  • Vice president: Kyung Hwan Na (Korean Institute of Industrial Technology)
  • Auditor: Jeong-Guon Ih (Professor of ME, KAIST)
  • Director of General Affairs: Jung Kim (Professor of ME, KAIST)
  • Director of Finance: Jae Hyun Kim (KIMM, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials)
  • Director of Edition: Kyung Soo Kim (Professor of ME, KAIST)
  • Delegates of Students: Dong Won Jang (Ph.D), Sang Chul Lee (Master`s)
3) Statistics (2008~2012)