Department events for graduate students

A. Outstanding T.A. Awards & Meeting with T.A.
    T.A. share their opinions and suggestions on T.A. affairs through the meeting and will be reflected in next T.A. assignment and affairs. At the end of the semester, the professors and students will recommend the outstanding T.A. winner, whose ranking is more than 20(Undergraduate)/10(Graduate) and the evaluation ranking is over 2/3
B. Outstanding Students Awards
  • Student wards have been given out by a fund that has been donated by past professors: Dr. Jung-Oh Lee, Dr. Joong Hong Lee and Dr. Soon Hun Bae. Since 1989, the fund has given awards to ME & AE dept. M.S. students with outstanding study & research achievement. The awards are conferred on the excellent B.S., M.S. and Ph.D students.
  • Date: May of each year
  • Awards
    B.S(5): Outstanding student(2), Best student(2), Mechanical engineering achievement award(1)
    M.S(3): Outstanding student(3)
    Ph.D(7): President of M.E. alumni award(3), Director of Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials award(1), ICEM academic award(1), Director of Korea Aerospace research Institute award(1), A.E. alumni outstanding paper award(1)


C. Home-coming Day
    Once a year around mid-May, M.S/Ph.D. alumni and their families are invited to the Home-coming Day. It consists of general meeting and family programs that feature activities such as lottery raffle and lab dinner with advisors, where alumni and enrolled students build stronger bonds.
D. Meeting with Students in Military-Academic Program
    This program is to nurture professional armed forces who are needed by the military. The collaboration between KAIST and the military is tight and provides M.S. and Ph.D. programs.
E. Orientation for Students Admitted in Changwon-KAIST Program
    Orientation for students admitted in the spring and fall semester in Changwon-KAIST programs features a presentation on general academic guidelines, how to register classes, and so on.