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Choi, Seibum

Ph.D., UC Berkeley (1993)
Research Area:  Fuel Saving Technologies, Vehicle Dynamics Control, Active Safety
E-mail: sbchoi (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 5105
Phone: 4120

Ih, Jeong-Guon

Ph.D., KAIST (1985)
Research Area:  Acoustics (Noise and Vibration Control)
Lab:  Acoustics Lab. 
E-mail: J.G.Ih (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 4110
Phone: 3035

Kim, Jinwhan

Ph.D., Stanford University (2007)
Research Area:  Mobile and marine robotics, vehicle intelligence, navigation and control
E-mail: jinwhan (at)
Office: Eureka Hall 3105
Phone: 1519

Kim, Kyung Soo

Ph.D., KAIST (1999)
Research Area:  Control theory & applications, Robotics, Sensor & Actuators
E-mail: kyungsookim (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7112
Phone: 3047

Kim, Kwang-Joon

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison (1982)
Research Area:  Vibration isolation and damping, Source characterization, Vibration power approach
E-mail: kjkim (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 4109
Phone: 3024

Kim, Soo Hyun

Ph.D., Imperial College (1991)
Research Area:  Robot System, Optical and Mechatronic Complex System
E-mail: soohyun (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 3202
Phone: 3228

Kyung, Ki-Uk

Ph.D., KAIST (2006)
Research Area:  Soft Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Flexible actuators & sensors, Haptics
E-mail: kyungku (at)
Office: kyungku
Phone: 3245

Oh, Ilkwon

Ph.D., KAIST (2001)
Research Area:  Actuators, Transducers & Artificial muscles, Graphene & Nano-Engineering
E-mail: ikoh (at)
Office: Eureka C412
Phone: 1520

Oh, Jun Ho

Ph.D., UC Berkeley (1985)
Research Area:  Automatic control, Mechatronics, Robotics
E-mail: jhoh (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 4202
Phone: 3223

Park, Youngjin

Ph.D., University of Michigan (1987)
Research Area:  Vehicle dynamics and control, Active noise & vibration control, 3D sound technology
E-mail: yjpark (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 4108
Phone: 3036

Park, Yong-Hwa

Ph.D., KAIST(1999)
Research Area:  Human-machine interaction, 3D scene recognition, Voice recognition, Biometric/medical sensors
E-mail: yhpark (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 6109
Phone: 3235