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Kim, Dae Gyoum

Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (2010)
Research Area:  Energy harvesting, Biological flows, Fluid-structure interaction, Unsteady aerodynamics
E-mail: daegyoum (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 5113
Phone: 3218

Kim, Hyoungsoo

Ph.D., Delft University of Technology (2013)
Research Area:  Complex Fluids, Multiphase Flows, Colloids and Interfaces, Nature- and Bio-inspired Fluid Mechanics
E-mail: hshk (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 5110
Phone: 3049

Kim, Jinwhan

Ph.D., Stanford University (2007)
Research Area:  Mobile and marine robotics, vehicle intelligence, navigation and control
E-mail: jinwhan (at)
Office: Eureka Hall 3105
Phone: 1519

Kim, Jung

Ph.D., MIT (2004)
Research Area:  Biorobotics, Bioinstrumentation, Haptics, Physical HRI
Lab:  Biorobotics Lab. 
E-mail: jungkim (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 5201
Phone: 3231

Kim, Jungwon

Ph.D., MIT (2007)
Research Area:  Laser Engineering, Control of Laser Noise, Photonic Signal Processing, Precision Instrumentation
E-mail: (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7105
Phone: 3236

Kim, Kyung Soo

Ph.D., KAIST (1999)
Research Area:  Control theory & applications, Robotics, Sensor & Actuators
E-mail: kyungsookim (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7112
Phone: 3047

Kim, Kyung-Woong

Ph.D., University of Tokyo (1982)
Research Area:  Tribology, Precision machine element
E-mail: taeho (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 3205
Phone: 3215

Kim, Kwang-Joon

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison (1982)
Research Area:  Vibration isolation and damping, Source characterization, Vibration power approach
E-mail: kjkim (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 4109
Phone: 3024

Kim, Nam Il

Ph.D., KAIST (2001)
Research Area:  Flame control, Combustion new technology and combustor design, Thermal and reactive flow
Lab:  Combustion Lab. 
E-mail: nikim (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 5112
Phone: 3211

Kim, Seung-Woo

Ph.D., Cranfield Inst. Tech. (1984)
Research Area:  Precision Engineering, Optical Length/Surface Metrology, Femtosecond Pulse Laser Optics
E-mail: swkportal (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 4201
Phone: 3217

Kim, Soo Hyun

Ph.D., Imperial College (1991)
Research Area:  Robot System, Optical and Mechatronic Complex System
E-mail: soohyun (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 3202
Phone: 3228

Kim, Sung Jin

Ph.D., Ohio State University (1989)
Research Area:  Microscale heat transfer and fluid flow, Optimum design of heat exchanger, heat pipes, and heat sinks
E-mail: sungjinkim (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 5111
Phone: 3043

Kim, Seongsu

Ph.D., KAIST (2007)
Research Area:  Composite materials & manufacturing, Multifunctional structures & materials
E-mail: seongsukim (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7104
Phone: 3018

Kim, Sung Yong

Ph.D., University of California, San Diego (2009)
Research Area:  Environmental fluid dynamics, Air-sea and air-sea-land interaction processes, Environmental sensing
E-mail: syongkim (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 6111
Phone: 1523

Kim, Taek-Soo

Ph.D., Stanford University (2010)
Research Area:  Mechanics-related subjects of advanced packaging and thin films
E-mail: tskim1 (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7103
Phone: 3238

Kwon, Dong Soo

Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology (1991)
Research Area:  Human-Robot Interaction, Haptics & Telerobotics, Medical Robotics, Entertainment Robot
E-mail: kwonds (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 4101
Phone: 3042

Kyung, Ki-Uk

Ph.D., KAIST (2006)
Research Area:  Soft Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Flexible actuators & sensors, Haptics
E-mail: kyungku (at)
Office: kyungku
Phone: 3245