1. Improvement and Setting Up Education Facility
    • Object : Offering pleasant and convenient education environment by improving backward facilities and setting up new facilities.
    • Laboratory Engineers : Jung-Kook Ko (kjkhs@kaist.ac.kr)
  2. Operation of Various Audio-Visual Equipment
    • Operation Details : Operation and management of various audio-visual equipment in seminar rooms (9), lecture rooms (5), and common lecture room (1)
    • Manager : Jung-Kook Ko (kjkhs@kaist.ac.kr)
  3. Operation and Management of Space
    • Operation Details : Overall work of the Space and Equipment Committee including department space allocation, relocation and present state
    • Manager : Jung-Kook Ko (kjkhs@kaist.ac.kr)
  4. Cyber Security
    • Operation Details : Consistent inspection and accident prevention in cyber security as a whole
    • Manager : Sang-Eun Yeo(yse97@kaist.ac.kr)
  5. CCTV Installation Operation
    • Purpose : To prevent accidents by operating internal CCTVs within the department
    • Installation Number : Department of Mechanical Engineering Building (40), Narae Experimental Building (16)
    • Manager : Department of Mechanical Engineering Building/Jung-Kook Ko (kjkhs@kaist.ac.kr), Narae Experimental Building/Sang-Eun Yeo (yse97@kaist.ac.kr)
  6. Department Building Common Area Facility Management
    • Purpose : Consistent and efficient maintenance management of common area facilities
    • Manager : Department of Mechanical Engineering Department Building/Jung-Kook Ko (kjkhs@kaist.ac.kr), Narae Experimental Building/Sang-Eun Yeo (yse97@kaist.ac.kr), Experimental Building/Hyon-Boo Chang (chb@kaist.ac.kr)
  7. Department Server Computer Management and Various Computer Services
    • Purpose : Efficient management of the department server computer and various computer services support within the department
    • Manager : Server Computer/Sang-Eun Yeo (yse97@kaist.ac.kr), Computer Services/Jung-Kook Ko (kjkhs@kaist.ac.kr)