1. Management of Fixed Assets
    • Object : Safe storage of usable assets for effective management about fixed assets. And reasonable object and financial using about usable assets.
    • Laboratory Engineers : Hyon-Boo Chang (chb@kaist.ac.kr)
    • Related Contents : me.kaist.ac.kr → Resources → Forms,Assets,Rules
  2. Notice on the Treatment of Disused Assets in the Laboratory
    • Purpose : Disposal of disused equipments and devices in the laboratory
  3. Processing Procedure of Disused Assets
    • Assets Confirmation : Department website ► Resources ► Technical Support ► Management of Fixed Assets File Download
    • Form : Department website ► Resources ► Technical Support ► Processing Guidance of Fixed Assets
    • Check the asset number and unit price of the article to be disused, write it on the form, receive an approval from the professor (must sign), and submit it in the mailbox (Hyon-Boo Chang) at the department office or submit it directly
    • It is prohibited to discard articles without asset numbers discretionally, and if this is the case, contact us in advance
    • Call us in advance about the moving date and time of the disused products, move it to the rooftop of the East Site, and it will be confirmed by the person in charge. (Access to the rooftop can be done using the seminar room access key)
    • The procedures afterwards will be handled uniformly by the department.
    • Inquiry : Technical Room (T:3209) Hyon-Boo Chang
  4. Download of Relative Documents