Interdisciplinary research on intelligent machine technology including sensor, actuator, acoustics, vibration, control, and robotics


  1. Research Interests
    • Design and control of humanoid robot and automatic system platform
    • Intelligence, navigation and control for unmanned vehicle systems
    • Medical robotics and medical simulation
    • Design and fabrication of bio-inspired artificial muscles
    • Vibro-acoustic source identification and design for sound quality
    • Customized active noise control for automobile, MRI, home appliances
  2. Major Equipments
    • 3D Nano-stereolithography apparatus
    • Robot systems, Humanoid Robot
    • Rapid prototyping equipment
    • Manufacturing equipment (NC machine, Press)
    • Laser manufacturing and solution-processed system
  3. Recent Publications
    • Kim, Kyung-Soo, Bio-inspired image stabilization control using the adaptive gain adjustment scheme of vestibulo-ocular reflex, IEEE/ASME Trans. on Mechatronics (2015)
    • Kim, Kyung-Soo, Feasibility assessment and design optimization of a clutchless multi-mode parallel hybrid electric powertrain, IEEE/ASME Trans. on Mechatronics (2015)
    • Kim, Kyung-Soo, A Portable and Remote 6-DOF Pose Sensor System with a Long Measurement Range based on 1-D Laser Sensors, IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics (2015)
    • Kim, Kyung-Soo, Design and Control of Robot Manipulator with a Distributed Actuation Mechanism, Mechatronics (2014)
    • Kim, Kyung-Soo, Structural Optimization of a Novel 6-DOF Pose Sensor System for Enhancing Noise Robustness at a Long Distance, IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics (2014)
    • Kim, Kwang-joon, Definitions of non-stationary vibration power for time-frequency analysis and computational algorithms based upon harmonic wavelet transform, Journal of Sound and Vibration (2015)
    • Kim, Kwang-joon, Characterization of a water pump for drum-type washing machine by vibration power approach, Journal of Systems and Signal Processing (2015)
    • Kim, Kwang-joon, Non-stationary vibration power: Definition and application to a model miniature airplane, INTER-NOISE Conference Proceedings (2015)
    • Kim, Kwang-joon, Source-path-receiver approach to isolator design for reaction wheels on satellite structures, INTER-NOISE Conference Proceedings (2015)
    • Kim, Soo-Hyun, Ultraconformal Contact Transfer of Monolayer Graphene on Metal to Various Substrates, Advanced Materials (2014)
    • Kim, Soo-Hyun, Prevention of Water Permeation by Strong Adhesion Between Graphene and SiO2 Substrate, Small (2014)
    • Kim, Soo-Hyun, Ultrashort stretched-pulse L-band laser using carbon-nanotube saturable absorber, Optics Express (2015)
    • Kim, Soo-Hyun, Polarization insensitive graphene saturable absorbers using etched fiber for highly stable ultrafast fiber lasers, Optics Express (2015)
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    • Park, Youngjin, Degree of controllability for linear unstable systems, Journal of Vibration and Control (2014)
    • Park, Youngjin, Tracking control in xy plane of an offshore container crane, Journal of Vibration and Control (2015)
    • Park, Youngjin, Systematic design of tape spring hinges for solar array by optimization method considering deployment performances, Aerospace Science and Technology (2015)
    • Oh, Ilkwon, Wetting-Transparent Graphene Films for Hydrophobic Water-Harvesting Surfaces, Advanced Materials (2014)
    • Oh, Ilkwon, Durable and Water-Floatable Ionic Polymer Actuator with Hydrophobic and Asymmetrically Laser-Scribed Reduced Graphene Oxide Paper Electrodes, ACS Nano (2014)
    • Oh, Ilkwon, Bio-inspired all-organic soft actuator based on a π-π stacked 3D ionic network membrane and fabricated with ultra-fast solution processing, Advanced Functional Materials (2014)
    • Oh, Ilkwon, Nanohole-Structured and Palladium-Embedded 3D Porous Graphene for Ultrahigh Hydrogen Storage and CO Oxidation Multifunctionalities, ACS Nano (2015)
    • Oh, Ilkwon, High-Fidelity Bioelectronic Muscular Actuator Based on Graphene-Mediated and TEMPO-Oxidized Bacterial Cellulose, Advanced Functional Materials (2015)
    • Oh, Jun-Ho, Improvement Trend of a Humanoid Robot Platform HUBO2+, Journal of Institute of Control (2014)
    • Oh, Jun-Ho, Removal of debris blocking an entryway: Inverse kinematic control and balancing controller design for humanoid, Journal of Institute of Control (2014)
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    • Ih, Jeong-Guon, Positioning Actuators in Efficient Locations for Rendering the Desired Sound Field Using Inverse Approach, J. Sound Vib. (2015)
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    • Choi, Seibum, Driveline Modeling and Estimation of Individual Clutch Torque during Gear Shifts for Dual Clutch Transmission, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics (2014)
  4. Faculty
    Professor Research Area Laboratory
    Kim, Kyung Soo Control Theory and Applications
    Robot System Design and Control
    Sensor & Actuator Design
    Automotive Applications
    Mechatronics, Systems and Control Lab.
    Kim, Kwang-Joon Vibration Source Identification
    Vibration Isolation and Damping
    Vibration Power Flow
    Vibration Engineering Lab.
    Kim, Soo Hyun Bio-inspired Mechatronics
    Military Robotic Application
    Applied Optics
    Mechatronics, Systems and Control Lab.
    Kim, Jinwhan Mobile robotics, marine robotics
    Vehicle intelligence and perception
    Dynamics and control of marine vehicles and floating structures
    Mobile Robotics and Intelligence Lab.
    Park, Youngjin Active Noise Control
    3D sound technology
    Future personal urban vehicle
    Structural Dynamics and Applied Control Lab.
    Oh, Ilkwon Dynamics, Vibration and Waves
    Actuators and Smart Materials
    Multifunctional Composites
    Graphene and 3D Nanostructures
    Active Materials & Dynamic Systems Lab.
    Oh, Jun Ho Control of Mechanical Systems
    Machine Control Lab.
    Ih, Jeong-Guon nverse Technique in Vibro-acoustics
    Product Sound Quality
    Design of Low Noise/Vibration Machines
    Virtual Generation of Vibro-acoustic Field for ICT Applications
    Acoustics Lab.
    Choi, Seibum nverse Technique in Vibro-acoustics
    Product Sound Quality
    Design of Low Noise/Vibration Machines
    Virtual Generation of Vibro-acoustic Field for ICT Applications
    Automotive Control Lab.