Innovative design & manufacturing theory, mechanical analysis methods for mechanical systems with high reliability


  1. Research Interests
    • New designs and technologies for modeling and governing equation
    • Innovation and creation of mechanical systems
    • Innovation of the analysis and design programs and tools
    • Development & application of new materials to mechanical systems
    • Manufacturing system modeling, simulation, and optimization
    • Simulation of tribo-systems
    • Analysis & design under uncentainties
  2. Major Equipments
    • Multi-axial tension and fatigue tester
    • High speed tension tester, High speed tension micro-tester
    • Hopkinson bar tester
    • DMA apparatus, Computerized autoclave with dielectrometry
    • High power lasersCyberGlobe Tracker, Hurricane2 Wind Machine
  3. Recent Publications
    • Kim, Kyung-Woong, Tribological characteristics of Cr/CrN/a-C:H:w/a-C:H coating under boundary lubrication conditions with glycerol mono-oleate(GMO) and molybdenum dithiocarbamate (MoDTC), Wear (2015)
    • Kim, Kyung-Woong, Effects of sliding velocity and ambient temperature on the friction and wear of a boundary-lubricated, multi-layered DLC coating, Wear (2014)
    • Kim, Kyung-Woong, Effect of surface non-flatness on the lubrication characteristics in the valve part of a swash-plate type axial piston pump, Meccanica (2014)
    • Kim, Taek-Soo, Flexible, Highly Efficient All-Polymer Solar Cells, Nature Communications (2015)
    • Kim, Taek-Soo, Enhancing Adhesion of Screen-Printed Silver Nanopaste Films, Advanced Materials Interfaces (2015)
    • Kim, Taek-Soo, Warpage Analysis of Electroplated Cu Films on Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Packaging Substrates, Polymers, (2015)
    • Kim, Taek-Soo, Direct Observation of Nanoscale Pt Electrode Agglomeration at the Triple Phase Boundary, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2015)
    • Kim, Taek-Soo, Adhesion Improvement of Graphene/Copper Interface using UV/Ozone Treatments, Thin Solid Films (2015)
    • Kim, Taek-Soo, Effects of hydrophobic agent content in macro-porous substrates on the fracture behavior of the gas diffusion layer for proton exchange membrane fuel cells, Journal of Power Sources (2015)
    • Kim, Taek-Soo, Adhesion improvement of silicon/underfill/polyimide interfaces by UV/ozone treatment and sol-gel derived hybrid layers, Microelectronics Reliability (2014)
    • Kim, Taek-Soo, Penetration and Lateral Diffusion Characteristics of Polycrystalline Graphene Barriers, Nanoscale (2014)
    • Na, Suck-Joo, Arc behavior in two wire tandem submerged arc welding process, Journal of Materials Processing technology (2014)
    • Na, Suck-Joo, Numerical simulation of full penetration laser welding of thick steel plate with high power high brightness laser, Journal of Materials Processing technology (2014)
    • Na, Suck-Joo, Molten pool behavior in tandem submerged arc welding process, Journal of Materials Processing technology (2014)
    • Na, Suck-Joo, Relation of joint strength and polymer molecular structure in laser assisted metal and polymer joining, Science and Technology of Welding and Joining (2014)
    • Na, Suck-Joo, Arc interaction and molten pool behavior in the three wire submerged arc welding process, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (2015)
    • Na, Suck-Joo, Molten pool behaviors for second pass V-groove GMAW, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (2015)
    • Na, Suck-Joo, Weld root instabilities in fiver laser welding, Journal of Laser Applications (2015)
    • Na, Suck-Joo, Thermal metallurgical analysis of GMA welded AH36 steel using CFD-FEM framework, Journal of Materials and Design (2016)
    • Na, Suck-Joo, CFD simulations of GMA welding of horizontal fillet joints based on coordinate rotation of arc models, Journal of Materials Processing Technology (2016)
    • Youn, Sung-Kie, A hierarchically superimposing local refinement method for isogeometric analysis, International Journal of Computational Methods (2014)
    • Youn, Sung-Kie, Spline-Based Meshfree Method with Extended Basis, Computer Aided Geometric Design (2014)
    • Youn, Sung-Kie, A gap element for treating non-matching discrete interfaces, Computational Mechanics (2015)
    • Youn, Sung-Kie, Isogeometric analysis of topologically complex shell structures, Finite Elements in Analysis and Design (2015)
    • Youn, Sung-Kie, Eulerian analysis of bulk metal forming processes based on spline-based meshfree method, Finite Elements in Analysis and Design (2015)
    • Youn, Sung-Kie, Isogeometric shape optimization of trimmed shell structures, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (2015)
    • Youn, Sung-Kie, Viscoelastic constitutive modelling of solid propellant with damage, International Journal of Solids and Structures (2015)
    • Yoon, Jeong Whan, Asymmetric yield function based on the stress invarients for pressure senstive matels, International Journal of Plasticity (2014)
    • Yoon, Jeong Whan, Editorial : In honor of Kwansoo Chung, International Journal of Plasticity (2014)
    • Yoon, Jeong Whan, Modeling of shear ductile fracture considering a changeable cut-off value for stress triaxiality, International Journal of Plasticity (2014)
    • Yoon, Jeong Whan, Supression of necking in incremental sheet forming, International Journal of Solids and Structures (2014)
    • Yoon, Jeong Whan, Study on yield function and plastic potential under non-associated flow for accurate earing prediction in cup drawing, Steel Research International (2015)
    • Yoon, Jeong Whan, Wrinkling during cup drawing with NUMISHEET2014 benchmark test, Steel Research International (2015)
    • Yoon, Jeong Whan, Necking behavior of AA 6022-T4 based on the crystal plasticity and damage models, International Journal of Plasticity (2015)
    • Yoon, Jeong Whan, Metal forming- Challenges in constitutive and fracture modeling, International Journal of Plasicity (2015)
    • Lee, Dai Gil, Glass composite vibration isolating structure for the LNG cargo containment system, Composite Structures (2014)
    • Lee, Dai Gil, composite low-observable radome composed of E-glass/aramid/epoxy composite sandwich construction and frequency selective surface, Composite Structures (2014)
    • Lee, Dai Gil, Method for exposing carbon fibers on composite bipolar plates, Composite Structures (2015)
    • Lee, Byung Chai, Development of a strain- smoothed three node triangular flat shell element with drilling degrees of freedom, Finite Elements in Analysis and Design (2014)
    • Lee, Byung Chai, Second-order reliability method based inverse reliability using Hessian update for accurate and efficient reliability based design optimization, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering (2014)
    • Lee, Byung Chai, A semi-single-loop method using approximation of most probable point for reliability based design optimization, Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (2015)
    • Lee, Byung Chai, Higher-order virtual node method for polygonal elements and application of h-adaptivity, International Journal of Numerical Methods and Applications (2015)
    • Lee, Soon-Bok, Double-Layer CVD Graphene as Stretchable Transparent Electrodes, Nanoscale (2014)
    • Lee, Soon-Bok, Warpage Behavior and Life Prediction of a Chip-on-Flex Package Under a Thermal Cycling Condition, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPONENTS PACKAGING AND MANUFACTURING (2014)
    • Lee, Soon-Bok, A comparison of methods for predicting the fatigue life of gray cast iron at elevated temperatures, Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures (2015)
    • Lee, Ikjin, Sampling-based approach for design optimization in the presence of interval variables, Journal of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (2014)
    • Lee, Ikjin, Reliability-based vehicle safety assessment and design optimization of roadway radius and speed limit in windy environments, Journal of Mechanical Design (2014)
    • Lee, Ikjin, Probabilistic sensitivity analysis for novel second-order reliability method using generalized chi- squared distribution, Journal of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (2014)
    • Lee, Ikjin, Second- order reliability method-based inverse reliability analysis using hessian update for accurate and efficient reliability- based design optimization, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering (2014)
    • Lee, Ikjin, Post optimization using second-order reliability method based on importance sampling and its stochastic sensitivity analysis, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering (2015)
    • Lee, Ikjin, Reliability analysis and reliability-based design optimization of roadway horizontal curves using a first-order reliability method, Journal of Engineering Optimization (2015)
    • Lee, Phill-Seung, Recent advances in ocean nuclear power plants, Energies (2015)
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    • Im, Yong-Taek, The effect of a non-circular drawing sequence on delamination characteristics of pearlitic steel wire, Materials & Design (2014)
    • Im, Yong-Taek, The effect of processing parameters on elastic deformation of the coil during the thin-strip coiling process, Metals and Materials International (2014)
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    • Huh, Hoon, Dynamic failure characterization of laser welds under combined loading conditions, International Journal of Automotive Technology (2014)
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    • Huh, Hoon, Anisotropy Effect on The Fracture Model of DP980 Sheets Considering The Loading Path, International Journal for Automotive Technology (2015)
  4. Faculty
    Professor Research Area Laboratory
    Kim, Kyung-Woong Tribology
    Fluid Film Lubrication
    Precision Machine Element Design
    Solid Coating and Surface Texturing
    Precision Machine Elements & Tribology Lab.
    Kim, Taek-Soo Mechanical properties of advanced packaging and thin films Advanced Packaging and Thin Film Lab.
    Na, Suck-Joo Laser, Arc, and Hybrid Welding
    Laser Micro Processing
    CFD Simulation of Weld Pool
    TEP Analysis of Welded Structure
    Friction Stir Welding
    Selective Laser Sintering
    Advanced Laser/Plasma Application Lab.
    Yang, Minyang Manufacturing Technology
    Printed Electronics
    Precision Machine Design
    Agile Technology Lab.
    Youn, Sung-Kie Computational Solid Mechanics
    Design Topology Optimization
    Constitutive Modeling of Rubber-like Materials
    Computational Analysis & Design of Engr. System Lab.
    Yoon, Jeong Whan Mechanics & Materials
    Materials Processing & Characterization
    Computer Aided Net Shape Manufacturing Lab.
    Lee, Dai Gil Cryogenic Containment System for LNG
    PEM Fuel Cell
    Stealth Technology
    Mechanical Design Lab. with Advanced Materials
    Lee, Byung Chai Finite Element Techniques
    Analysis and Design of Structures
    Reliability-based Design Optimization
    Computer Aided Structural Analysis & Design Lab.
    Lee, Soon-Bok Reliability of Thin Film and Electronic Packaging
    Bulk&Nano Materials Characterization
    Micro-Nano Measurement
    Computer Aided Reliability Evaluation Lab.
    Lee, Ikjin Simulation-based Design under Uncertainty
    Statistical Input/Output Identification
    System Reliability Assessment
    Innovative Design Optimization Lab.
    Lee, Phill-Seung Structural Systems
    Fluid-Structure Interaction
    Computational Mechanics
    Experimental Biology
    Computational Mechanics & Structural Systems Lab.
    Im, Seyoung Computational Nanotechnology
    Development of Multi-Physics Codes
    Multi Physics System Lab.
    Im, Yong-Taek Computer Aided Materials Processing
    Friction Characterization
    Development of Nano Bulk Material through Severe Plastic Deformation
    Computer-Aided Materials Processing Lab.
    Chung, Hyun Production System Engineering
    Welding and Joining Process
    Tolerance Analysis and Design
    Design Optimization
    Production Planning and Optimization
    Artificial Intelligence Applications for Ocean System
    Discrete Event Simulation
    Marine Design & Production Systems Engineering Lab
    Han, Soonhung CAD (Computer Aided Design)
    STEP (ISO Standards for the Exchange of Product Model Data)
    VR (Virtual Reality) for engineering design
    Knowledge-based design system
    Collaborative CAD
    iCAD (intelligent Computer Aided Design) Lab.
    Huh, Hoon Computational Solid Mechanics
    Plasticity and Numerical Analysis
    High-Speed Material Characterization
    Failure and Impact Analysis for Design
    Sheet Metal Forming
    Crashworthiness and Autobody Design
    Ductile fracture criterion
    Computational Solid Mechanics & Design Lab.