Department events for undergraduate students

A. Undergraduate Freshmen Orientation
    Orientation is an event to welcome new students and help facilitate transition into the department of Mechanical Engineering. Information and helpful tips on becoming a Mechanical Engineering student are provided and the curriculum and undergraduate courses are introduced in detail during the event. In addition, new student representatives for the freshmen are voted on. Afterwards, a delicious dinner and socializing time are organized for freshmen to get to know senior students in the department.
B. Strawberry Party & ME Sports Day
    During mid-April, the department organizes its very own Strawberry Party in the backyard of the Mechanical Engineering Building. Students and faculty eat strawberries, enjoy games and make new relationships. Furthermore, sports events are also held to prepare for the competition held in the fall semester.


C. Industry Fieldtrip
    The Industry Fieldtrip is one of the department’s significant events. Until 2010, sophomore, junior and senior year students visited Doosan Infracore factories located in Changwon, Korea. However, with more support from the department, a trip to the Doosan Infracore factories in Yantai, China is offered to junior and senior students. This event provides special experiences for student by allowing them to directly see how the industry is operated.


D. Department Laboratory Introduction Night
    In September, Laboratory Introduction Night is held to introduce the different research fields of each LAB. Each LAB installs a booth along the corridors of the department buildings to present their work and prepare simple experiments to show how their research is conducted. This event provides an excellent opportunity for prospective students to find out more about different LABs in the department.
E. Semester Kick-off Party
    In the beginning of the semester, the department host a Semester kick-off party where professors and students get together and socialize, and foster camaraderie within the department.