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Cho, Yeunwoo

Ph.D., MIT (2010)
Research Area:  Waves in Fluids, Nonlinear Dynamics and Waves, Renewable Energy from Fluids, Fluid-Body Interaction
E-mail: ywoocho (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 5116
Phone: 3220

Jeon, Jessie Sungyun

Ph.D., MIT (2014)
Research Area:  Microfluidics for biological applications, Organ-on-a-chip
E-mail: jsjeon (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 3203
Phone: 3226

Jeon, Wonju

Ph.D., KAIST (2006)
Research Area:  Acoustic Metamaterial within Flow, Vibration Control using Acoustic Black Hole, Bio-Acoustics
E-mail: wonju.jeon (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 4111
Phone: 3219

Kim, Hyoungsoo

Ph.D., Delft University of Technology (2013)
Research Area:  Complex Fluids, Multiphase Flows, Colloids and Interfaces, Nature- and Bio-inspired Fluid Mechanics
E-mail: hshk (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 5110
Phone: 3049

Kim, Jungwon

Ph.D., MIT (2007)
Research Area:  Laser Engineering, Control of Laser Noise, Photonic Signal Processing, Precision Instrumentation
E-mail: (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7105
Phone: 3236

Kim, Seung-Woo

Ph.D., Cranfield Inst. Tech. (1984)
Research Area:  Precision Engineering, Optical Length/Surface Metrology, Femtosecond Pulse Laser Optics
E-mail: swkportal (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 4201
Phone: 3217

Kim, Sung Yong

Ph.D., University of California, San Diego (2009)
Research Area:  Environmental fluid dynamics, Air-sea and air-sea-land interaction processes, Environmental sensing
E-mail: syongkim (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 6111
Phone: 1523

Lee, Seung Seob

Ph.D., UC Berkeley (1995)
Research Area:  MEMS, NEMS, Bio-MEMS, Microfluidics
E-mail: sslee97 (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7113
Phone: 3046

Min, Bumki

Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (2006)
Research Area:  Optical MEMS, Optomechanics, Metadevices, Metamaterials
E-mail: bmin (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7102
Phone: 3234

Park, Inkyu

Ph.D., UC Berkeley (2007)
Research Area:  Micro/nano-sensors for IoT, wearable and healthcare applications; Micro/nano-manufacturing
E-mail: inkyu.park (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 6102
Phone: 3240

Ryu, Seunghwa

Ph.D., Stanford University (2011)
Research Area:  Mechanics and materials science at nanoscale, Development of multiscale simulation methods
E-mail: ryush (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7107
Phone: 3019

Sung, Hyung Jin

Ph.D., KAIST (1984)
Research Area:  Turbulence/flow control, Flow-structure interaction, Micro/acousto/opto fluidics
E-mail: hjsung (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 5114
Phone: 3027