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Chung, Hyun

Ph.D., University of Michigan (2006)
Research Area:  Design and Production Systems Engineering for Complex Ocean Systems, Welding Processes
E-mail: (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 2105
Phone: 1513

Han, Soonhung

Ph.D., University of Michigan (1990)
Research Area:  CAD / STEP, Virtual reality for engineering design, Knowledge-based design system
Lab:  iCAD Lab. 
E-mail: shhan (at)
Office: Eureka Hall 2102
Phone: 3040

Huh, Hoon

Ph.D., University of Michigan (1986)
Research Area:  Dynamic Plasticity and Numerical Analysis, Structural Design and Crash analysis
E-mail: hhuh (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 3244
Phone: 3222

Im, Seyoung

Ph.D., University of Illinois (1985)
Research Area:  Solid Mechanics, Computational Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, and Nanomechanics
E-mail: SeyoungIm (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7114
Phone: 3028

Im, Yong-Taek

Ph.D., UC Berkeley (1985)
Research Area:  Plasticity, Computer Aided Materials Processing
E-mail: ytim (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 3240
Phone: 3227

Kim, Kyung-Woong

Ph.D., University of Tokyo (1982)
Research Area:  Tribology, Precision machine element
E-mail: taeho (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 3205
Phone: 3215

Kim, Seongsu

Ph.D., KAIST (2007)
Research Area:  Composite materials & manufacturing, Multifunctional structures & materials
E-mail: seongsukim (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7104
Phone: 3018

Kim, Taek-Soo

Ph.D., Stanford University (2010)
Research Area:  Mechanics-related subjects of advanced packaging and thin films
E-mail: tskim1 (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7103
Phone: 3238

Lee, Byeong Chae

Ph.D., KAIST (1984)
Research Area:  Finite element analysis, Optimization methods, Reliability based design optimization
E-mail: bchlee (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 6106
Phone: 3031

Lee, Ikjin

Ph.D., University of Iowa (2008)
Research Area:  Design under uncertainties and applications, Statistical input identification
E-mail: ikjin.lee (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7109
Phone: 3041

Lee, Phill-Seung

Ph.D., MIT (2004)
Research Area:  Computational Mechanics, Structural Systems, Experimental Biology
E-mail: phillseung (at)
Office: Eureka Hall, 2103
Phone: 1512

Yang, Minyang

Ph.D., MIT (1986)
Research Area:  Manufacturing technology, Printed electronics, Precision machine design
E-mail: myyang (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 4203
Phone: 3224

Youn, Jeong Whan

Ph.D., KAIST (1997)
Research Area:  Mechanics of Plasticity, Materials Processing
E-mail: j.yoon (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 4202
Phone: 3233

Youn, Sung-Kie

Ph.D., University of Texas (1987)
Research Area:  Development and Application of Mesh-free & CAD/Spline-Based Analysis Methods
E-mail: younsungkie (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 7110
Phone: 3034