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Park, Hyung-Soon

Ph.D., KAIST (2004)
Research Area:  Rehabilitation robotics, Healthcare system, Neuro-rehabilitation, Orthopedic biomechanics
E-mail: hyungspark (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 5203
Phone: 3038

Park, Inkyu

Ph.D., UC Berkeley (2007)
Research Area:  Micro/nano-sensors for IoT, wearable and healthcare applications; Micro/nano-manufacturing
E-mail: inkyu.park (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 6102
Phone: 3240

Park, Sukyung

Ph.D., University of Michigan (2002)
Research Area:  Biomechanics, Dynamic Walking, Postural Control, Sports Mechanics, Biomimetics
E-mail: sukyungp (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 5204
Phone: 3230

Park, Youngjin

Ph.D., University of Michigan (1987)
Research Area:  Vehicle dynamics and control, Active noise & vibration control, 3D sound technology
E-mail: yjpark (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 4108
Phone: 3036

Park, Yong-Hwa

Ph.D., KAIST(1999)
Research Area:  Human-machine interaction, 3D scene recognition, Voice recognition, Biometric/medical sensors
E-mail: yhpark (at)
Office: ME Bldg (N7) 6109
Phone: 3235