We will provide the following information regarding the first doctoral qualification examination in 2018.
(The exam will take place in January and July of each year and the decision will be made based on paperworks.)
* Those who are eligible to take the Doctoral Qualification Examination but do not take this examination should contact Eunmi Suk by e-mail (e_suk@kaist.ac.kr) together with a brief reason (Insufficient English score, Inconclusive topic, etc.)

1. Eligibility for taking the examination: As a doctoral student, students who have completed a doctoral program have to pass the qualification exam within one year and six months. (Article 4 of Ph.D. guidelines)
※ Students can take the first qualification examination after the Ph.D after getting a grade in Ph.D. course.
※ Re-entry student
– If the student has withdrawn from the program or has withdrawn from his / her program. Example: Students are required to take the remaining term of the first semester and withdraw within the remaining term (one semester) before re-enrollment.
– If you are re-admitted after being rejected as a result of the eligibility test: You must apply within one year of re-admission separately from the above criteria.
2. Submission documents
– Doctoral Qualification Examination Application Form
– Graduate School Report Card (Master and Ph.D.)
– List of research results and markings of each achievement
– Academic transcripts (TOEFL (IBT), TOEFL (PBT), TOEFL (CBT), TOEIC, TEPS, IELTS)
– The research plan (the research necessity, the mediumness), the literature survey, the research scope and the research method / the possibility of acquiring the research result in the additional attachment form besides the separate form to compose the abstract of the research in accordance with the examination of the research plan of the doctoral thesis Including intermediate results of related studies.
– Advisor Professor’s Statement: (Submission Method) Advisor will submit the application form separately from the other documents to the department office (Seok Eunmi, T.3002)
      ※ If you can not submit your application form directly, you must fill in the envelope and seal the advisor’s statement.
3. Evaluation and scoring: Pass the score of 100 out of 70 points or more
– Professionalism 40 points
– Thesis research plan 40 points
– English score 20 points (Students who entered the Fall semester 2013 must pass the entrance examination score (within the validity period) or above).

Points based on English score
20 over 94 over 584 over 240 over 800 over 695 over 7 over 64
0 below 94 below 584 below 240 below 800 below 695 below 7 below 64
※ If you do not meet the above grades (score 20 points), you will be rejected even if you score 70 or above

4. Submission period: mid-January 2018 (details will be provided later)
5. Where to submit: Department Office (Charge: Eun Seok, T. 042-350-3002)
6. Submission form: Attachment note => [Download]