The research institute runs the URP program for undergraduate students at KAIST to conduct creative and active research under the guidance of excellent professors and graduate students.
We will announce the URP program to be operated in 2018 as follows.
1. Research Period
① Long-Term URP program (Once a year, about 12 months)
: January 2, 2018 – The end of Fall Semester 2018 (scheduled for December 14, 2018)
(However, former Long-Term URP Undergraduate students can not re-apply)
② Winter / Spring semester URP program (about 6 months)
: January 2, 2018 – The end of Spring Semester 2018 (scheduled for June 18, 2018)
2. Eligibility: Undergraduate students
(※ Students are not allowed to apply for those who is in leave of absence or taking more than 2 semesters of URP Individual Research Project)
3. Submission period: Both on-line and off-line by 18:00 on Tuesday, November 28, 2017
4. Selection
① Long-Term URP program
– Individual research tasks: 10 tasks in total (individual / team assignment)
② Winter / Spring semester URP program
– Individual Research Projects: Individual / Team 60 Projects
– Group seminars: 5 teams (5 or more)
※. The number of applicants may be changed according to the results of application and evaluation
For more information, see the student announcement on the school portal (2018 URP Program Guide)