The project of “Pulse laser based optical-digital converter and new concept on-chip clock dispersion” proposed by Professor Kim Jung Won was selected as one of the ICT creative projects of 2017 Samsung future technology development business. Professor Kim’s proposal study dramatically improves the timing and power consumption of a clock distribution network (CDN) in a CMOS chip using ultra-high-speed and low-noise optical pulse trains in a femtosecond pulsed laser. If the idea of the research is successfully implemented, the timing and power consumption performance of the CDN in the microprocessor can be improved by more than 10 times, respectively, compared with the existing maximum performance, thereby enabling an innovative performance improvement in the CDN field. Particularly, it can be applied to 3D chip (3D-IC), which is a serious issue, and it will become an opportunity to actively use femtosecond laser, which has been mainly used in basic science fields, in various ICT fields.