Professor Sung was selected by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Government and the Korea Research Foundation as “Science/Technolgy Award of This Month”. Professor Sung was highly acclaimed for enhancing microfluidics research capabilities by the technology of finely controlling micrometre-scale droplets in a coin-sized microfluidic chip (Lab-on-a-chip).


The microfluidic chip, next-generation experimental and diagnostic technology, is a bio-microchip which can do complicated and various experiment with very small amount of sample only. The technology of temperature control of fluid samples, which is one of the important technologies of microfluidic dynamics, is a technology that has been attracting attention not only in medicine and pharmacy but also in health and environment field. Due to its low sophistication, it remains as a limit to overcome in order to expand utilization of microfluidic chips.


Professor Sung has developed an ‘acoustic thermal heating method’ that uses acoustic and light energy to control the temperature of droplets quickly and precisely. This is a heating method that uses heat generated by the absorption of acoustic waves into a viscoelastic material. It has a high heating rate and is easy to control in time and space.


In addition, Professor Sung has dramatically shortened the reaction time from one to two hours to three minutes by applying a technique developed directly to the ‘polymerase chain reaction’ amplification method of genetic materials.