■ Publication title
 [Dongwon Group] 2017 new recruitment [~ 10/16]

■ Publication contents
[Dongwon Group] Recruitment Guide for 2017 New Employees [~ 10/16]
■ Recruiting job
Business Support / Sales / Marketing / Production / Technology / Research / Logistics / Construction / IT / Overseas (Overseas Sales)
■ Selection process and schedule
Reception period: From 09.26 (Tuesday) to 10.16 (Monday) until 14:00
How to apply: Dongwon Group site (recruit.dongwon.com)
Announcement of candidates who passed the paper screening: Check directly from the results of the support within the recruiting site
Personality test: scheduled for early November
■ Eligibility
Graduates, who are expected to graduate in February 2018
Those who have exempted military service or who have finished their military service,
Those who can work immediately (Introductory education scheduled in December)
National Registered Disabled Persons and State Veterans are eligible under the relevant laws and regulations.
■ Notes
You may be penalized if the same person supports multiple IDs.
The recruitment interview will be conducted only for those who can attend the introductory training in December and work immediately.
If you do not qualify for graduation after graduation, your admission may be canceled.
If the contents of the application form are proved to be false, you may cancel the acceptance or entry.
■ About Dongwon Group
Dongwon Group Homepage www.dongwon.com
Dongwon Group Blog http://blog.dongwon.com/
Dongwon Group Jobs Homepage www / recruit.dongwon.com

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