We will provide you with information on the selection of semiconductor scholarship candidates for the purpose of providing excellent human resources to contribute to the development of the semiconductor industry,
I would like your support from interested students.
□ Selection Criteria
1) Course: One of the students in the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering, Biomolecular Engineering, Advanced Materials Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering students
2) Qualification: Undergraduate 4th grade or master’s degree course Semiconductor related field S / W Korean nationality Scholarship program Follow up service
(Such as questionnaire survey on employment confirmation)
※ Excluding scholarship recipients during the same semester, scholarship payments may be canceled if duplicate receipt is confirmed in the future.
3) Selection: 1 person (limited to one faculty / department recommendation)
※ KAIST recommendation target may not be finalized
4) Scholarship payment: 5 million won to the selected person once through school (2018)
5) Documents to be submitted: 1 scholarship application, 1 resume and 1 self-introduction letter
6) First,
– Those who have excellent grades in semiconductors and those who have completed the course (average grade B +
– Participants in seminar-related competition or interns
– Applicants who want to join a semiconductor company after graduation
※ If you meet the above conditions, please fill out the form when you fill out the application form and submit the related documents if necessary.
If you wish to apply for a student who meets the above selection criteria, please submit the relevant documents and application to Gang Keun-ho of the department office by Tuesday, September 5.
Related documents can be downloaded from below.

▶ Download related supporting documents
[Attachment 1] Official Announcement of Korea Semiconductor Industry Association

[Attachment 2] Introduction to Semiconductor Scholarship Program 170724

[Attachment 3] Semiconductor Scholarship Application Form and Resume (Self-introduction form) Form

[School Notice] 2017 Semiconductor Scholarship Recommendation Request