Hyundai Motor Group and Korea Haptics Research Association
Automotive Haptic Technology Idea Competition!

Innovative application of haptic technology to automobiles for future car implementation
Improvement ideas or new ideas that do not exist

* Haptic means ‘touching’, and in this competition
Along with traditional vision (eg HUD) or hearing (eg collision warning) technology,
Touching touch technology is looking for ideas that can be applied to cars.

● Eligibility: National university students (1 to 4 students)

● Open Method: Submit one application form and one idea proposal
(The form is downloaded from the homepage of Korea Haptics Research Association)

● Reception Period
Until midnight on October 13, 2017
(Based on application and proposal mail delivery time)

● Submission
Email to

● Schedule
Documents received (~ 10/13) ▶ Document screening (Presenter selection) ▶ Field presentation (11/03) ▶ Final selection (3)

On November 3, 2017, only the passing screening team (scheduled for notification on October 23) will be held.
Korea Haptics Workshop (Place: Kyung Hee University International Campus Electronic Information Center)
On-site presentation by team is scheduled. Prize money will be awarded to the three finalists selected on the day of the workshop.

● Award Details
Grand Prize (1 team) | 2 million won
Excellence Prize (1 team) | 1 million won
Encouragement Prize (1 team) | 500,000 won

● Contact

● Sponsorship
Hyundai Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Company, Korea Haptics Research Group