We are looking for participants in the ‘8th Smart Economy Management Forum for University Students in Science and Technology.’
This event is intended to enable students of advanced science and engineering to grow into a convergent talent by cultivating economic management knowledge and business sense. Actively apply for students interested in the content.

Applicants are university students, graduate students (students who are not enrolled in the program or those who are not enrolled in the program).

Three students will be selected through recommendation from department applicants. For recommending students through department, we would like to be selected without a separate paper screening. (Interview must be attended)
If you are applying for an e-mail, please indicate whether you are a minor in technology management or if you are a startup professional. Please apply for participation to Keun-ho Kang (kgh86@kaist.ac.kr) until 6/28 (Wed.) at 16:00.

Please refer to the instructions at the bottom for more information. Thank you.
Website: http://smartforum.mk.co.kr

■ Educational Objectives
– To cultivate lack of economic sense and management mind
– Gained Insight to become a successful Certified
– Innovation-driven innovation with technological power and business sense to lead the future

■ Course Outline
– Date: August 23, 2017 to Friday, August 25 10: 00-17: 00
– Venue: Room 327, COEX Conference Hall, Samsung-Dong
– Target: 150 students from science and engineering universities nationwide
– Entrance fee: Free of charge (lunch and teaching materials provided)
– Instructor: Christopher former SAP App House Center Director, Google Korea Tae Won Kim, CEO of Magic Eco, PMG Lee Kang Ho, Chairman Song Kyu Bong Yonsei University (Harvard GIS Consultant), Wordi Labs
– Selection process: Selection of excellent manpower through document review and interview (1 ~ 7 participants excluded)
  • First acceptance and document screening: Online application for forum homepage (smartforum.mk.co.kr) by 7/21 pm
  • Second interview: August 2 – 3/10: 00 ~ 18: 00 Maekyung Education Center
  • Special Award: Scholarship Award for excellent team for group project and Maekyung TEST
           Korea Optical Communication – Providing daily economy certificate
           Maekyung TEST Test Free Voucher

■ Training contents
– Topics lecture: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of the Work, Start-up Successful Start-up and CTO, Problem Solving through Design Sinking, CEO Success Story, IT Challenges in Software-Changing World Crisis Design seminar (workshop program using Wardibox), group activities
– Group project (award)
– Mock Maekyung TEST, Economic Management Golden Bell, etc. (Award)