Prof. Dong Soo Kwon attended the 5th Korea-Ukraine Joint Technical Committee held in Kyiv, Ukraine on March 27th. This Science Partnership was held to cooperate with each other in Korea and Ukraine, to cooperate with each other, to cooperate ICT sector in educational sector, and to cooperate in aerospace sector. Prof. Dong Soo Kwon visited Kyiv National University of Technology and met with Prof. Sergey I. Sidorenko, Vice President of International Cooperation of KNU, Prof. Koval Oleksandr, Vitalii Maksymenko, Dean of Medical Engineering, and agreed to pursue international joint research on Korea-Ukraine medical robots . In addition, the research trends of medical robots in the world and the various minimally invasive surgical robots system that KAIST has been researching and developing have been announced on this scientific community. Prof. Ievgen Nasstenko of the Cardiac Surgery Research Center and Prof. Velihorskyi Olessandrr of the Chernigiv National University in collaboration with the Kiev University of Technology also hoped to collaborate in addition to the Kiev University of Technology, and Dr. Olga Bogomotets, chairperson of the Ukrainian National Assembly Health Committee, I hope. Surgical robots being studied at KAIST are divided into surgical and internal medicine applications. The APOLLON system, which can be applied to surgical operation, is developed as a single ball surgery robot that minimizes the incision during surgery, and is characterized by various types of elbow joint surgery tools and a small robot arm. In the field of internal medicine, K-NOTES, a flexible endoscopic robot system that allows diagnosis and treatment through the natural openings such as the mouth and anus, was developed. PETH, a remote surgical tool control system, Solo-Endo-Handler has been developed to minimize physical fatigue and the need for assistants.

Prof. Dong Soo Kwon said, “The research on international cooperation in Ukraine and medical robots will be a bridgehead for the advancement of domestic medical robot technology and business in the Eastern part of the country.”