[Korea NSK] Recruiting new graduates in 2016 (technical sales)

We will create Global No.1 with you.
Like a bearing that rolls around and changes and develops the world,
We are recruiting talented people who are constantly challenging and growing with NSK Korea.

1. Recruitment
– Sector: Technical Sales
– Details: Sales management, customer response
– Specialized Major: Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
– Work Type: Full time
– Place: NSK Headquarters (4th floor, POSCO Center, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

2. Eligibility
– holders of a bachelor’s degree from a 4-year university (including those who are expected to graduate in August 2016)
– Those who have no reason to disqualify their travel abroad as a military official or a waiver.
– Language qualifications
1) TOEIC 700 or higher (OPIC IM2 or Toeic Speaking Lv6 alternative)
2) In the case of other tests,
3) Only within 2 years of the deadline

3. Salary and Benefits
– Annual salary is 39 million won (excluding the ending bonus and overtime pay)
– Separate payment of severance pay, vacation and annual allowance

4. Receipt of Application
– From Monday, July 26, 2014 (Mon) to 7.10 (Sun)
After completing the employment homepage (https://nsk1.saramin.co.kr/)

5. Schedule
* Announcement of successful candidates: mid-July
* 1st / 2nd interview: at the end of July
* Entry: early August

6. Other
– Please note that the above schedule may change due to the circumstances of the company.
For other inquiries, please contact NSK Korea Management Support Team.
Tel: 02) 3287-0342, e-mail: nskkorea@nsk.com

(한국NSK) 2016년 대졸신입 수시모집 웹플라이어