Research Collaboration

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of KAIST has been proactively implementing global cooperation workshops and projects together with leading global universities.

International Collaborations

  • KAIST-Kyushu Univ. Joint Workshop:
    Aimed at providing opportunities for joint research conducted by both institutions and extending insights into new research areas in the mechanical and aerospace industries (workshop location changes every other year)
  • KAIST-ITB Joint Workshop for Research and Education in Engineering:
    Aimed at presenting the latest research results in mechanical engineering and sharing current research trends (workshop location changes every other year)
  • KAIST-University of Tokyo-Shanghai Jiao Tong University International Joint Symposium on Marine Science and Technology:
    Joined by the Department of Ocean Technology, Policy and Environment at the University of Tokyo since 2009 and subsequently by China since 2012
  • EAC (External Advisory Committee):
    Aimed at strengthening global competitiveness and providing a clear vision for the future industry with regards to various fields such as education, research, educational administration, future strategy, and internationalization through objective evaluations from renowned global experts