[Seminar] Manufacturing Tolerance for Machine Reliability(7/22)

관리자 2020.07.21

Time : July, 22(Wed) 2020 16:00~18:00
: N7 1floor 중앙회의동 대회의실(#1601)
Manufacturing Tolerance for Machine Reliability
Speaker: LEE, Sun-kyu(Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)
A machine designed with a new principle is completed by assembling with numerous parts for manufacturing convenience to achieve the performance of a machine.
Because of this complexity, manufacturing errors affects the machine performance as well as the reliability, and the mechanical model based on theoretical principles and numerical analysis often need to be largely modified according to the manufacturing tolerance and operating conditions.
This seminar introduces the effects of manufacturing errors on the mechanical performance of a machine, such as dynamic stiffness, and the causes of manufacturing errors and manufacturing cost from the viewpoint of the manufacturing site. Manufacturing tolerances are explained, and then considers the management of manufacturing error for production.

Host:  Prof. Dong-Soo Kwon(, 042-350-8249)