[Seminar] Thermal-Fluidic-Energy Transport using Multi-Scale Hybrid Structures(Wonjoon Choi, 7/28)

관리자 2020.07.20

  • Time: July 28(Tue), 2020 16:00~ 17:00
  • Place :  N7/2nd floor /Room# 2602
  • Speaker : Wonjoon Choi (Korea University)

Thermal-Fluidic-Energy Transport using Multi-Scale Hybrid Structures
Wonjoon Choi
Associate Professor

School of Mechanical Engineering,
Korea University, Seoul 136-713, Korea
Hybrid materials and structures from nano-microscale to macroscale contribute to further control of thermal-fluidic-energy transport making them useful in many applications. I will introduce ongoing researches utilizing thermal-fluidic-energy transports within multi-scale hybrid structures and devices. Topics will cover (1) Layer-by-Layer (LbL)-based coatings of porous structures for enhanced thermo-fluidic devices (e.g. boiling heat transfer, heat pipe, vapor chamber), (2) two-phase interface systems for exploring thermal-fluidic transport in sensing and emulsion devices, (3) active control of hybrid energy storage materials using ultrafast-extreme thermo-electro-chemical waves and their applications to electrochemical electrodes (e.g. supercapacitor, battery, thermogalvanic cell), (4) multi-functional hybrid structures enabled by modular design of thermo-mechanically tunable unit-cells (i.e. hybrid metamaterial), and (5) self-sustained harvesting and sensing platforms of ambient thermal/fluidic/mechanical energy.
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