[Seminar] Roadway embankment stabilization on permafrost

카이스트 기계공학과 2019.06.03

Time : June 11, 2019 (Tuesday) 13:30~ 14:30
Place : 기계공학동 C2세미나실 (중앙관 3231호)
Speaker : 김 선 우 교수(University of Alaska Fairbanks/기계공학과)

Roadway embankment stabilization on permafrost
Abstract :
Constructing surface facilities on permafrost soils is a substantial engineering challenge. Moreover, evading the thaw-settlement on roadway embankments is not an easy task due to the shifting thermal regime under the ground soil in accordance with the seasonal temperature variations. Out of all engineered cooling solutions available to stabilize the permafrost soil, thermosyphons have attracted engineers through their benefits compared to other cooling methods. In this talk, optimization of thermosyphons with a Y-shaped evaporator will be discussed. The cooling effects will be compared with those with the conventional parallel design. The optimal spacing between thermosyphons for both the parallel design and the proposed Y-shaped design will be presented.
Contact: 이봉재 교수 (Tel: 3239)