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A research team led by Professor Il-kwon Oh, Make kinetic art props with MXene based artificial muscle

관리자 2019.10.01

A research team led by Professor Il-kwon Oh(Kaist Mechanical Engineering) has developed artificial muscle (Soft Actuator) that has the world's highest bending strain by utilizing MXene, which is seen as a next-generation 2D nanomaterial, as a soft electrode material.
High-performance artificial muscle based on MXene, a next-generation 2D material with great advantages such as high electroconductivity, electrochemical capacitance, and easy surface texture, was developed compared to nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes and graphenes.
The artificial muscle developed by the research team is expected to be used in various fields such as soft robots, natural mimic robots, wearable platform, healthcare electronics, active biomedical devices, and kinetic art props as it can operate at very low voltages within 1V and has shown great strain with very little electrical energy.
This paper was published on August 22 as the 'Science Robotics' thesis (Vol 4, Issu 33, 2019), a leading international journal for robotics, and was selected as a cover photo as shown in Figure 1.