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Kwon, Dong-soo Professor Laboratory, Micro Surgery Robot 'easyMicro' Received International Surgical Robot Contest

관리자 2019.07.22


Professor Kwon Dongsoo and researcher students and teacher start-up company "EasyMicro" developed by EasyEndo Surgical Inc. developed 'Surgical Robot Challenge 2019' from Hamlyn Center, Imperial College London, Teamwork Award '. 'Surgical Robot Challenge' is a competition to compete with innovative ideas of robot technology applicable to surgery. It is the most prestigious competition among surgical robots. 'EasyMicro' developed by KAIST and Easy Endeavor is a robotic system developed for the purpose of 'eye surgery' and 'vascular reconstruction surgery' through precise tool movement. As a master-slave remote surgery robot system, it is possible to change the size and precision of the workspace by using a dual delta mechanism, and it is possible to function as an eye rotation and a remote rotation center function. The award of the 2019 Surgical Robot Challenge last year was once again recognized worldwide by KAIST and EASY ENDO SURGICAL, which is worthy of more than 20 years of research.