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Professor Bae Choongsik, "A Discussion on Good Air Quality Improvement Policy for Overseas Students"

관리자 2019.07.22


Professor Bae Choongsik conducted the topic presentation twice at the National Assembly Hall in June. On June 18, 2019, the International Forum for the Advancement of Air Quality for Overseas Scholars was held at the National Assembly Hall, 2nd floor, invited by Professor Thomas Koch Karlsruhe, It was held in the conference room. On this day, Professor Bae made a presentation titled 'Environmental Technology for Clean Air', and the greenhouse gas and fine dust emission caused by automobile has been steadily decreased due to strengthened exhaust gas regulation and technology development. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the environmental technology roadmap.
Then, on June 27, 2019, a panel discussion was held on the theme of "Realistic Solution of Fine Dust, Dismissing Internal Combustion Engine?" At the second meeting room of the National Assembly Hall. On this day, Professor Bae made his title as 'Analysis of the cause of fine dust and roadmap of future automobile technology' and introduced gradual new energy automobile (electric car, hydrogen car) industry while maintaining competitiveness of industrial structure based on internal combustion engine Economic, and effective strategic policy formulation and implementation.