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Professor Yoon Kuk jin and his research team presented two papers at IEEE CVPR International society

관리자 2019.07.22


Mechanical engineering Lee Yeongun(M.S 2nd year), Jung Jaeseok, Yoon Jongseop, Jo wonjun(M.S 1st year) and Lin Wang(Ph.D 2nd year) (Professor Yoon, Kook-jin) presented two papers at the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition held at Long Beach, California, USA from October 16 to 20. The CVPR conference is one of the world's leading institutes of computer vision and machine learning. Each year, researchers from the fields of computer vision and machine learning around the world gather to share their research achievements.
A total of 5160 papers were submitted to CVPR 2019, and a final 1294 papers were presented after the examination, and 9227 researchers from all over the world attended. In this paper, the research papers published by Professor Yoo Kuk-jin are "SpherePHD: Applying CNNs on a Spherical PolyHeDron Representation of 360 Image", "Event-based High Dynamic Range Image and Very High Frame Rate Video Generation using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks" proposing a method to represent the 360 ​​degree image of the base body and apply it to the convolutional neural network, and to generate the high dynamic range image using the generated hostile neural network and the event camera image.