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Professor Ryu, Seunghwa published an invited paper in MRS Communications

관리자 2019.07.18

Research team of Professor Ryu, Seunghwa (Multi-scale Dynamics and Material Modeling Laboratory) and Professor Grace X. Gu of the UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering Department published a paper that predicts and evaluates the mechanical properties of composite materials based on deep learning. In conventional deep-learning-based composite studies, only linear elastic properties were considered, but in this study, nonlinear properties were also considered to predict the nonlinear characteristics such as strength and toughness of composite materials. In addition, they compared and evaluated the model with linear regression, random forest models, and the convolutional neural networks model, which have been widely used in conventional machine learning method. Based on this study, the research team announced they will develop an optimal design method of considering the nonlinear characteristics of composite materials. The invited paper was published in MRS Communications, and Kim, Young-soo in Ryu Seunghwa’s lab participated as co-first author.