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Ph.D. course student Lee Ki-ho, (Professor : Ih, Jeong-Guon), awarded Excellent Presentation at the 2019 Spring Conference of the Acoustical Society of Korea

관리자 2019.07.16

From the May 9th (Thursday) to the 10th (Fri), in 2019 Spring Conference of the Korean Acoustical Society held in Jeju, the thesis of " Improved sound quality of plate speaker using dual exciter array "by Lee Ki ho Ph.D. student awarded . In this study, he propose a new type of flat panel display, such as OLED TV, which is used to make a speaker or a surrounding structure of a machine or general equipment, and solving the problem of volume reduction by using actuator array and inverse rendering technique.
This research was carried out with the support of BK21 and the Korea Research Foundation Basic Research Project in the field of engineering.