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Online Lecture on Human Musculoskeletal Simulation to support Biomechanics Research in Dominican Republic

관리자 2020.07.13


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KAIST is supporting R&D projects in Dominican Republic in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Science in Dominican Republic by the support from KOICA. One of the promising projects of developing an exoskeleton system to prevent bedsore disease in patients has been in need of educational support for biomechanical background of it. Prof. Seungbum Koo and his graduate students prepared and gave online lectures on theories and practices on musculoskeletal simulation using OpenSim on 2-4th June. The three-day lecture was given between 6-9 pm in Dominican Republic and 10-15 researchers joint the lecture real-time. The recorded videos and lecture materials were also handed for the researchers who could not join the lecture real-time.