[Master Course] Submission of Thesis Plan: Fall 2019 Newly enrolled students

관리자 2020.05.20


[양식] 계획서 제출 방법 매뉴얼.pdf (102,755k)

* Students who are enrolled master course from fall 2019, please submit 'Thesis Plan' as follows:

* Only when you don't submit 'Thesis Plan' until 2020.6.26.(Fri.), please submit '[Reason letter] Delayed submission of Master Dissertation Plan' before Proposal/Mid-term evaluation.(※ FYI: Please see related notice)

 Submission of Thesis Plan

  ● Presenter: 2019 Fall Newly enrolled Master course students

  ● Require document: Thesis plan​​ (※ Advisor's signature is needed)
       • Please see the attachment for manual

  ● Due date: 2020.6.26.(Fri.) 

  ● Reference: Rules on Degree Conferme - Article4 (Submission of thesis proposal) ① Students in master’s programs shall submit thesis proposals within
                    ten months from admission

  ● Place to submit
     • All documents must be submitted to the Office of the Department (No. 3226) 
      (※ 18:00 on the day of submission and 12:00 to 13:00 for lunch)
     • Contact person: Roh, Hoi-sung   • Contact: 042-350-3005,

(*In the event of misinterpretation arising, original text in Korean shall take precedence over the English translation.)